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A Brief Synopsis

Glenmore, one of the oldest of the 169 Recognized and Registered Hunts in the United States, was organized in 1930 and recognized in 1935 by the Masters of Foxhounds Association. It is named for the Glenmore Farm which was owned by our first Master of Foxhounds, "Jack Todd." Our purpose is to enjoy the sport of organized fox hunting, social occasions which are appropriate to the sport, and just to get together and have a good time.

Throughout Augusta County, we enjoy hunting the scent of both the
red and gray fox, and most recently, coyote, with a crossbred pack of foxhounds. In the old English custom, many hunts are followed by a "Hunt Breakfast." On occasion, we exchange hunts with other hunt clubs, providing opportunity to meet with friends who share our love of the chase. We annually share opening hunts with the Rockbridge Hunt near Lexington and have joint hunts with a number of other hunts in Virginia.

We adhere to the traditions of fox hunting that have been passed down from England, as much as is practical. We hunt fox with hounds and follow hounds on horseback, because it is a purposeful, fun and healthy winter sport. We are privileged to hunt such beautiful territory because of the generosity of the landowners over whose farms we ride. It is a compliment to the landowners and a credit to the sport that we dress in traditional attire.

"Hunt colors" are awarded by the Glenmore Masters of Foxhounds, at their pleasure, to members who hunt regularly and have demonstrated that they are an asset to the Club. Our colors consist of a Yale blue collar, tattersall vest, and buttons engraved with the letters "GH." Our current Masters award colors at our season’s closing hunt or other formal occasions.

Glenmore's long history has provided material for many good stories related to foxhunting. The History Committee is busy gathering stories, photographs and old Club records in preparation for publishing a formal written history before the our 100th anniversary in 2030.

Hunt Season
Glenmore's Cubbing Season is from September through mid - October. Our official Hunt Season is from late October through late March. The Hunt goes out two days a week, currently Tuesdays and Saturdays. In addition to the hunts, there are many other hunt-related horse
activities that take place throughout the year.
Calendar of Events & Fixture Card

Visiting the Hunt
The long season, beautiful hunt country and warm Virginia hospitality make the Glenmore Hunt an attractive destination for our Canadian and other northern friends. There are several Bed and Breakfasts in the area, some with stabling facilities and outstanding restaurants. Foxhunters interested in traveling to join Glenmore for some great hunting experiences are always invited and most welcome.
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Membership in the Hunt is by invitation. Prospective members must hunt and/or attend social events and be proposed to a Membership Committee by at least three current voting members. To encourage and foster the younger enthusiasts of foxhunting, Junior memberships are available. We also provide for School Memberships to recognized academic educational facilities with a riding program. Glenmore's
By-Laws set a maximum of one hundred (100) voting memberships.

The Glenmore News  is a monthly newsletter published for members and selected friends of Glenmore. It features the news of the Hunt which includes the current calendar, hunting and social activities, events results, committee reports, and regular columns including "The Master's Corner," "The Secretary's Corner," "The President's Message," and an occasional "Member Profile."

The Hunt also publishes numerous activity fliers, announcements, horse show programs, invitations, entry forms, maps, fixture cards, membership booklets and folders, etc. The Club maintains an extensive database of over 2,200 local horsemen and women categorized by specific interests. Occasionally we include fliers from other hunts or commercial operations with our monthly mailings as a courtesy.

The Glenmore Hunt is a Virginia corporation, but is operated in a unique manner dictated by its By-laws and Constitution. It is governed directly by the membership which meets monthly. Execution of the members' desires is carried out by a Board of Directors and various committees. The Board consists of a President, Vice President (Hunt Committee Chair), Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, Master(s) of Foxhounds, and four At-Large Members. There are many working committees that handle everything from the Calendar and Finance to the individual Horse Shows and Hunt Breakfasts. The hunt field is a traditional dictatorship under the Master(s) of Foxhounds.

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