Board of Directors



   Colonel Hugh Sproul III 

   Glenmore Member since 1945

      Former MFH & Huntsman

  Secretary: Carol Demeo

Glenmore Member since 2018

 Vice President: Anne Brooks

    Glenmore Member since 2005 

  Treasurer: John Meyer

 Glenmore Member since 2007

     MFH: Joe Manning

Glenmore Member since 2005

         Former President

     MFH: Brenda Simmons

   Glenmore Member since 1983

             Former President,                         Vice-President & Secretary

            MFH: Stacy  Thompson

       Glenmore member since 2001

Members at Large

          Jenner Brunk

 Glenmore member since 2007

Missy Burnett  


 Glenmore member since 2006

      MaryLee McDavid

Glenmore member since 2002

       Berk Pemberton

Glenmore member since 2008

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