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Fall Hunter Pace

December 6, 2020


The Glenmore Hunt-Oak Ridge Fox Hunt Club-Rockbridge Hunt Hunter Pace Series Winners are:

First Place: Liz Hall & Brooks Cushman with a total of 58 points each.

Second Place: Tina Malia with 24 points.

Third Place: Jadalyn & Brooklyn Hull with 20 points each.

Judged Trail Ride Results July 18, 2020

Masters Division
1st Place Liz Hall Scored 85
2nd Place Courtney Pugh Scored 84
3rd Place Jane Eckes Scored 83
4th Place Rosanna McMillian Scored 82.5
5th Place Brooks Cushman Scored 80
6th Place Kelsey Lasher Scored 77

Novice Division
1st Place Shannon Meyers Scored 97.5
2nd Place Amanda Malone Scored 85.5
3rd Place Lynn Tuckwiller Scored 80
4th Place Caitlin Edge Scored 79.5
5th Place Mary Shriver Scored 77
6th Place Nancy Heidel Scored 76

Junior Division
1st Place Waverly McDavid Scored 74.5
2nd Place Alex Kocsis Scored 72.5
3rd Place Gabrielle Shriver Scored 69
4th Place Olivia Delamarter Scored 58
5th Place Garrett Begoon Scored 25

The weather was fantastic and we had a great turn-out for our annual "Whodunit" event on June 13, 2020!

Nine teams tied for the win and they had a blast in the tiebreaker ring toss.

Congratulations to the 2020 Murder Mystery Ride winners: Laura Martlock, Dedi Spradlin and Courtney Staton Pugh!

Spring Hunter Pace Results    June 27th, 2020

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