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Glenmore’s hounds are key to having great hunts and receive top-notch care. Our huntsman is dedicated to maintaining a healthy pack of well-trained hounds who hunt well together over our territory’s varied terrain.

fist flight (3).jpg

The opening day of the formal foxhunting season makes my heart race.. The music of the hounds in full cry, the sound of the horn and the ceremony and thrill of the ride on a crisp fall morning are indelibly in my soul.

opening hunt hounds.jpg

Glenmore Puppies

Glenmore puppies born 2019.jpg

Born August 2019

Tugboat, Tuesday, Tequila, Tennessee Tartan, and Tremble

They are now starting to hunt & doing fantastic!

puppies born August 2020.jpg

Born July 2020

Ribbon and Riesling are the two females. Males are Ragtime, Rhythym, Ricochet., Ryker, Remi(ngton), and River


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