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  Glenmore Hunt                    Spring Hunter Pace                        April 15, 2023                         


First Pace in the 2023 Hunter Pace Series with Rockbridge & Bedford County Hunts

Enjoy riding 6+ miles through the beautiful open fields & wooded trails of Glenmore Hunt’s fox hunting territory.

Jumping Optional - All Riding Disciplines Welcome


  • Online Registration is Preferred and Recommended. You may pay online or on-site...

  • Gate opens at 10:30 AM - First Riders out at 11 AM -  Last Riders out by 1 PM 

  • Teams will consist of 2 (preferred) or 3 riders but only two ribbons and will be awarded per team.

  • The division winners (limit 2 riders) will receive a Capping Certificate good for the upcoming 2022-2023 hunt season

  • Helmets Required for Jumping & All Juniors.

  • Each team member will receive points toward the Series Championship.

  • Riders Competing in all the Paces in the Series will receive 10 points towards your total series points... 

  • Visit the Series Facebook Page for Pace Dates

Divisions Include:

Full Cry                                                 Faster “Hunting” Pace with jumps (not to exceed 3’)

Second Flight                                      For riders who enjoy a challenging ride, jumps optional

Junior                                                   At least 1 rider must be a Junior (17 yrs. & under)

Hilltoppers/Trail Riders                   A relaxed & leisurely stroll through foxhunting country     




Online Registration is recommended and appreciated. You can register online and pay at the event.





Contact Information:   Carol Demeo  352.249.6555  or

Hunt Line   540.885.7004 

ALWAYS call ahead to check as locations, times & parking may change due to weather and ground conditions.

                                                                       Thank you for your participation.

                                                     We hope you have a blast on our hunter pace course.


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