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Glenmore hunts Saturdays and Tuesdays from September – March. We welcome guests and new members throughout the season. 

Visitors Welcome


Capping Fees:   Adults $60     Juniors (under 21 or 24 if a full-time student)  $30

Visitors are welcome to hunt with the permission of the Masters. Ideally, guests are accompanied by a sponsoring member who contacts the Masters or the Hunt Secretary for permission in advance of the meet. Please mark an envelope with your name, date, telephone number, and emergency contact information.  Enclose your capping fee (checks payable to “Glenmore Hunt”) or capping certificate in the envelope along with your signed waivers (or you may sign online) and have current a coggins available if needed. Give the envelope to the Hunt Secretary before the meet. Guests are encouraged to arrive at the meet at least 30 minutes before hounds move off.

To join us as a guest on a hunt, please contact: Carol Demeo (Honorary Secretary) at 352.249.6555 or


You may download the Glenmore 2023-2024 Hunt Waiver (pdf opens in new window) to bring with you or you may sign online. The release form is good for the entire current hunt season.


Hunt Line   540.213.2008   ALWAYS call ahead to check as locations, times & parking may change due to weather and ground conditions.

*Maximum 3 cap total during Pre-Season Autumn Hunting + Formal Season before an individual is asked to apply for membership. 



After contacting the secretary/ MFH and making sure you and your horse are ready, we encourage you to come out in an appropriate field for your and your horse's skill set.  

Be prepared for rolling fields (some are steep), wooded trails, creek crossings, and cows. 

We have 3 fields to choose from, available to all. 

1st field - moves on behind the hounds and huntsman. Be prepared to gallop and jump. Our jumps are coops and rail jumps.

2nd field - moves on but goes through gates and allows for some jumping.

3rd field - walk, trots and canters, depending on who is out that day. Our activity will be geared toward the greenest horse's or a rider's comfort level.

ALL the fields see great sport and have enjoyable, fun and safe outings.

New to Foxhunting... Check out this Great Booklet from the MFHA Foundation

Foxhunting Memberships


$1.3500  Family Foxhunting:  Hunting & Voting -2+ Riders:  $200 -Initiation Fee                    

Includes spouses and dependent children (18 & under) and those attending college (24 & under)

$900  Adult Foxhunting:   Hunting & Voting - 1 Rider  $200 -Initiation Fee

$100  Junior Foxhunting:  Seasonal - Non-Voting (under 21 or 24 if a full-time student)   

$490  Season Subscription:  Adult 1 Rider                                                                                                                                        

$619.50  Season Subscription:  Family 2+ Riders                                                                     

Limited to members in good standing of another MFHA Recognized or Registered Hunt who hold full hunting privileges at that hunt: requires the expressed prior approval of a Glenmore MFH. Non-Voting, 

$396  Social Membership:  Non-Hunting & Voting; For those who would like to participate in our non-hunting activities: Glenmore's annual hunt ball, Christmas party, hunt breakfasts & tailgates, following the hunt in vehicles, organized trail rides along with the many social events we hold throughout the year.   

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