If you would like to join Glenmore at one of our specialty hunts, please contact

Carol Demeo (Honorary Secretary), to be added to the Guest List.

    352.249.6555   carolddemeo@gmail.com

Please mark an envelope with your name, date, telephone number, and emergency contact information. Enclose your signed waivers (or you may sign online) and have a current coggins availabe if needed. Give the envelope to the Hunt Secretary before the meet.       Guests are encouraged to arrive at the meet at least 30 minutes before hounds move off.




Hunt Line   540.885.7004 

ALWAYS call ahead to check as locations, times & parking may change due to weather and ground conditions.

You may download the release form (pdf opens in new window) to bring with you or you may sign online.

Junior Hunts





All Entry/Capping Fees Waived for Juniors (17 & Under)

   & Their Adult Chaperone Rider


Western Hunts



All Entry/Capping Fees Waived for Riders

in Western Attire & Tack