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Hunt Attire

Formal Hunt Attire

Each Hunt prescribes the proper foxhunting attire for that hunt. Glenmore’s attire was established in the early 1930’s and reflects the Hunt colors, vest, buttons, etc. as registered with the Masters of Foxhounds Association. It is very traditional.

While listed below is the “proper” Glenmore attire, the official position of the Hunt is: “Dress and groom as correctly as you can afford; it is a compliment to landowners, officers, staff, members and the sport when you look your best.” While it is desirable to dress traditionally, the lack of proper attire will not prohibit members and their guests from joining the hunt field and enjoying the sport. For example, a tweed or salt sack coat, breeches and boots are the preferred dress at informal meets, but feel free to wear riding clothing you find comfortable and appropriate for the weather, including chaps and leggings.

BASIC ELEMENTS (correct for all groups):

Stock - White, properly tied with horizontal plain gold pin. Shirt - White.  Gloves - (optional) White string; tan, brown or yellow leather. Spurs - (optional) Blunt only.  Hunt Whip - (optional) Hunting whip with thong, properly carried but never used unless asked.     Hunting attire should be clean and hair should be properly confined. Hairnets are correct & advisable. Like your horse and tack, your attire should be proper, well fitting, & neat.

I. RATCATCHER - Ladies & Gentlemen - for informal hunting days and for Juniors at all hunts:

Hat - Black bowler, black hunting cap; (ASTM approved safety headgear required for all Juniors). Coat - Brown, gray, or muted color, tweed or white linen (salt sack) Shirt - Riding shirt with stock (white or colored), plain dress shirt with neck tie, or white turtle-neck. Breeches - Buff, gray, canary, rust or jodhpurs and jodhpur boots. Boots - Black or brown hunt or field boots without tops.

II. FORMAL - Ladies & Gentlemen - for those without Colors:

Hat - Black bowler, black hunting cap or black safety helmet. Coat -Black Melton. Collar - Black only.  Buttons - Plain black.  Vest - Tattersall or canary. Breeches - Buff, canary, or rust. Boots - Black hunt with no tops

III. FORMAL - for those who have been awarded Glenmore Colors:

(A) 1. Gentlemen and, optionally, for ladies on active staff:

Hat - Top hat, black hunt cap, or black safety helmet. Coat - Scarlet or black formal frock with self-collar. Collar - Yale blue Buttons or Brass with GH on scarlet coat. Vest – Tattersall. Breeches - White Only with scarlet & formal frock coat. Boots - Black hunt with tan tops 

2. Alternate for Gentlemen with Glenmore colors: (unique to Glenmore):                                                                                                          

 Hat - Black bowler, black hunt cap, or black safety helmet. Coat - Black Melton. Collar - Same Buttons - Black bone with GH on Black Melton coat. Vest - Same. Breeches – Buff, canary or rust. Boots - Black hunt with or without tan tops                                                             

(B) Ladies: Hat - Black bowler, black hunting cap, or black safety helmet; top hat with Shad-belly coat. Coat - Black Melton or Shad-belly. Collar - Yale Blue Buttons or Black bone with GH insignia. Vest – Tattersall. Breeches -Buff, canary or rust. Boots - Black hunt with patent leather tops                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

(C) Juniors: Same as RATCATCHER, or, if convenient, girls same as ladies; boys same as gentlemen except scarlet may not be worn by Juniors. ASTM approved safety headgear required for All Juniors.

Ratcatcher Attire

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